Past the Breakers

I raced through the soft, hot sand to the waters edge, a most welcome wave of refreshment washes over my feet, bringing instant relief.

The sun sparkled and danced with the ocean, beckoning me deeper, I followed the oceans call. Inch by inch I resist the strength of the waves pushing me back to whence I came.

Like a beast it rolls towards me, mouth open to swallow me whole. I evade the hungry creature and skip past and under; for a moment I am surrounded by the silence of the deep. Stopping here I relaxed completely and gave my body over to the movement and tango of the ocean.

I begin to surface for air (my lungs weren’t made for this world) and as I do my face is tickled by the bubbling white water and remains of the wave that was. As it fizzles away into oblivion another of its friend’s raises up to avenge… under I go again and again and again until my feet could no longer feel the ocean floor.

I heard a taunting whisper in my head “There is danger out there, turn back, you wont make it, your feet can’t touch, you will sink”. I called the whispers bluff and swam head first into the huge swell. I could never swim out past the breakers with my feet still on the ground.

And finally, the waves no longer broke around me, for it was too deep. I lie on my back and felt the undulation and surge of the water, although my feet can’t touch the ground, my head is above water and I am filled with accomplishment and peace.

Maybe, just maybe, I thought. Perhaps when something pushes you back again and again, and plants thoughts of failure. If you push back, persist, face it head on and keep swimming past the struggle, there lays, a destination of Peace!