She is a sunflower

I originally wrote this for a friend and had it titled "my sunflower friend".  however reading it back through I thought that there are so many showers of sunflower women in my life. So this one's for you, to the strong women who uplift, encourage and shine, I adore you!


Beautiful, bright and blooming – she is a sunflower

She stands tall and bold, rooted and strengthened in rich loving soil.

Her fragrance is a pungent perfume; all the other flowers want to know what water and soil she feeds from because she shines with passionate, vivacious joy. 

One does not have to see the flower to know that she is in the room, because she reeks of inner beauty.

She goes about tending her roots. She grows through the dirt and it makes her stronger and all the more beautiful.

She cares for her many precious petals, not one is missing.

She opens herself up to busy bees, curious butterflies and all the other wearied wandering souls.

She is vibrant, she is strong, she is rooted in love, she sings joy, she is faithful, she is gracious, she is beauty. In a sea of flowers she shines forth hope, she is brightest from the centre out.

She is grounded, the wind cannot move her, the storm cannot uproot her, the floods will not drown her, she fears not. For she knows the Sun is faithful and he will shine renewal day after day, morning after morning.

Beautiful, bright and blooming – she is a sunflower.