Unchartered Seas

We all have a battle to fight, and most often our battles and journeys start in our mind. For most, these can be our biggest fights and struggles. I, like a lot of people have experienced this on multiple levels with my own struggles and wanted to write about it, so for this one I sat down with my brother Israel Bosshard and together we wrote from the heart, a small journey and what mental battles and depression can be like... but that there is light and hope, always!



Once Upon an unchartered sea, atop the mast, stood you and me.

Map in hand and adventure ahead, far beyond the dreams one makes in a bed.

My compass spun and pointed east, I’m beyond excited to say the least, for I have conquered my fears, I have conquered the beast.

A formidable enemy, but the battle was won.

For as it appears, I was not alone, I was not the only one.

For this dark and ominous foe, has caused much grief and woe.

Seeping into the minds of those not on their guard

Who on their own had no defence, not knowing the one who brings recompense

But oh glorious morn, there is hope like the rising sun.

For at the sign of the great light, every shadow will flee, because there was one willing to fight for me.

And there in the midst of the battle when all strength was gone, it was thy name I called upon.

You spoke into the darkness, your voice a piercing light.

His name perhaps you might know, but that’s a story to tell another time, for now – I must go

For there is a glow on the horizon and a change in the wind

My sails adjusted and bearing turned east, far, far away from that ugly beast.