The Mountains, You and Me

I wrote this collection of words watching a pretty spectacular sunset in Nozawaonsen, Japan. After a bluebird day snowboarding the mountains being so close and tangible, to then so far away to other mountains and seeing so little. Two different views and experiences of the same thing, got me thinking and of course writing… so here it is! Big love O.J.S X


Silky silhouettes of mountain peaks a simple outline with only little to speak

So majestic and still it needs no voice

For it captures every breathe of those whom behold it’s beauty, making them realise that in the grand scheme they are so puny

The top may look like victory, but the mounds so tall have so many facets you cannot see

So come a little closer, take another look, write it all down like captain cook, even still it would fill thousand a book

We’re not so different to mountains near yonder haze, sitting like fluid lines near the purple and pink sunset blaze

Soon you’ll see that the beauty isn’t always found on the peak, it’s also in the cold snow, the valleys so bleak

The mountains, you see are more than a drawing of 2D, in that respect they are much like you and me

Like parts of you hidden ten feet in a white canvas; a covering. Protect and hide things like your heart, yet never let it become smothering

They are filled with trees, dressed with garments of soft pure snow, who knows what else underneath there grows

Like a multifaceted kaleidoscope of colours and shapes we are, so much more than the undulated lines, a mist, a vapour in the distance so far

So many types of trees, soil and deeper still the minerals within. It reminds me of our humanness and our brotherly kin

How we are all shapes and sizes, with our dents and holes, if we can see past the superficial the warts, scars and moles

We are all the same at the core, of this I’m sure!

So may you be as steady as a mountain, unshaken and certain

May you see past the blanket of snow, past the facade of what we choose to show

May we be like those mountains that stand together in unity

With tons of love and not a shred of scrutiny