Year 496

In year 496 February 14th, otherwise now known as Valentines Day, Sir Valentine was sentenced to death for illegally hitching bride to groom. This was made illegal as the Emperor at the time believed it made soldiers weaker, maybe he never knew love? Sir valentine even fell in love in prison, signing one last love letter “your Valentine”. Anyways, such an interesting story in history I never really knew, I mulled it over and pondered a while, as always spilling my thoughts here…


There was a story to be told in year Four Ninety Six

Of a man, who up his sleeve had many tricks

It was a tale so grim of he who went out on a limb,

To be-wed husband and bride,

it was a secret he had to hide

I’m not sure about you, but of this history I had no clue,

albeit might not even be true…

Nevertheless, a history lesson never goes astray

Especially on February Fourteenth, Valentines Day.

As the story goes, marriage was forbidden, as it was believed it made soldiers better when they were single.

So laws were put in place that never were men allowed to marry or mingle

Sir Valentine believed this to be wrong even till death,

He was imprisoned, and even there fell in love and wrote one last letter with his dying breath.

Dying for love…sounds similar to a story I know well

Of a man in love with you and me, of him there is so much to tell

Why has this day been changed for many to mere chocolates, roses and expensive gifts?

Why not bring back the simpleness of love letters and the heartfelt words therein, instead of going along with the trends and drifts.  

A soldier of his own making, who proved love was enough of a thing to die for

Unlike the soldiers not married must have felt they had nothing to fight for…

I think the Emperor of that time never knew love and was so very wrong,

Soldiers in love are not weak they are mighty and strong!

Like a rose in the wind its soft petals are not torn or broken

Beauty in nature proving we can be both strong and soft-spoken.

Don’t be fooled, I’m not speaking of marriage or romance together

I’m speaking of creator and creation in love forever

Although that’s what sir Valentine stood for, I think if he could speak today

Maybe of love, kindness, peace and no war of many types he’d have more to say.

 I think he’d be dismayed and appalled at what “romance” for many has become, dare I say he’d think it stupid, especially of the little baby angel Cupid. 

So what is the point of these ramblings and words put on paper;

I guess to remember what’s important and even if you are single, your love you have is no more less a reason to frolic and caper

Because there is no greater love than to lay ones life down for another, could you name something more?

I don’t know your experience or situation; but take it from someone who has felt both on such a day, YOU are so insanely loved and adored, of this I’m sure!

Big LOVE!!! O.J.S. X