White magazine and online forum/blog has always been one of my favourite bridal and wedding inspiration favourites! It's simplistic layout, educational reads, inspiring words  and phenomenal photography and wizardry to put this magazine together made it my magazine of choice. Not only when I was looking to get married, but after too, with encouragement and inspiration for already married couples. Also, I am just a sucker for love and beautiful styling. So, as you can imagine, I am so excited to be able to contribute to this wonderful magazine and Blog!

below if my first poem I wrote and a link to this online - https://whitemag.com/blog/the-art-of-courage/

More work for White to come

O.J.S x




A gentle whisper,
A roaring lion

The silken rose petal,
The concrete of stone and ion

Wandering from the heights and
Speaking from the heart

Tales of courage,
A never ceasing art

Where words fail a step or stand will speak,
Where there is fear of failing, there you’ll find me

Take a leap, trust your wings, and let it be,
Sweet flight – oh the thing’s you’ll see

I start in the very belly of thought,
I will ruin all trepidation you’ve been taught

I cannot be contained
I cannot be silenced

The succumbing fire
The soothing seas

A gentle whisper
A roaring lion
Tales of courage
An inspiration of form never dying.