The well that never runs dry


Dearest Wanderer

Are you tired? Are you weary? Does nothing seem to fill?

Have you ever stopped for a second and realised the cause of so many frustrations and worries is that the things you have eventually run out?

Your’e always out of toilet paper and detergent. The Car needs servicing AGAIN and the rego is due. You are forever writing a new grocery list or adding to the wish list. Then there’s a new collection of your favourite label, just when you saved enough to buy something from the last collection… it’s a cycle is it not?

What is new will soon be old, what is full will soon be empty, what is valuable will soon be invaluable, what is making news, will soon be old news, forgotten.

Yet these are all things of the perishable nature, things man-made. Have you ever noticed that the oceans don’t run dry, the expanse of the sky never grows smaller, the moon and sun never forget to shine or run out of heat or light – The Unperishable, Me!

If nothing man made can last, then you must look beyond yourself. Come and bring those things you hold so dear, bring them to the shoreline of your heart and mind. Let me wash them away like an incoming tide of Joy, lasting Joy!

Like a clean slate of sand will be the likeness of your contentment. You need nothing there… bring the box of all you think that matters and let me throw them into the sea. For if I hold the world in my hands, will I not hold you too? Place your ‘need’ into my hands and let me replace it with a gift of joy… for to receive a gift sometimes you have to let go of that which you are holding on to.


Love always

The well that never runs dry