What journey does water take little one?

No matter what kind of water  fresh, still or salty; it is all unique and different, on a different journey, much like seasons.

A season to endeavour through rocks, a season to break through, a season of dryness, a time to be still like the lakes, a time to be thrown off the heights like a waterfall, seasons of overflowing, a season of faith through the raging stormy seas, a time to swim and kick hard and a time to rest and float gazing into the clouds and heavens above.

Yet all water when the sun shines reflects that which it is surrounded by… take time to be still and reflect on the seasons, and what made you grow.

You cannot live without water little one, each time you drink water, remember the seasons, no storm lasts forever, an empty well was made to be filled over and provide; don’t be so closed into the darkness of your well that you forget to take the covering off when it rains.

What would the peaceful streams be or mean without the storms? And what would a full well mean without knowing a dry desert?

Love you always in all seasons