The castle of your heart


Dearest Child

Does it matter where a castle is built?

Think back upon your childhood memories; castles surrounded by moats, castles upon a hill, upon a solid rock…

Foundations must be solid, a safe place – YOU, are where I build my kingdom.

Make sure you tend to every room in the kingdom. The inner chambers of your heart, the rooms of family, friends, work and the thoughts held captive in prison – keep them all in check!

There is a candlestick in each room, including those horrid thoughts in prison. You are the one who chooses which rooms to light up, for you have a light of your own, a candlestick on a plate.

For as a dead mouse’s stench fills a room, so does one room of your life spread stench into your life and the entire castle.

There is a mote around this castle of your heart, and you have been given the wheel to let down the bridge for whom you let in and who you let rule the kingdom there…

Love always