Perched up on a rock like a Hawk looking out upon the stormy Seas, dark clouds rolling over the horizon… Oh wait, it’s just my scratched up dark lens sunglasses.

Let’s be honest, every one of us has had this moment before. Clumsy with glasses or not, I’m talking about a different kind of lens, literally; your eyes, and metaphorically your vision and view of your everyday life.

Whether you are literally looking through sunglasses or not, you see your life each day and each moment through a lens. A lens complied of and built upon your values, faith, truths, knowledge and judgement, self-value… the list really is endless depending on situation and person.

There is so much surrounding us in advertising and the likes, that tell us what you should do, how you should do it, what you should look like and how you should act. But it changes the way we sometimes need to see not just ourselves but our lives.

Our decisions and how we live our lives are a large part based on how we see things. And so sometimes perspective becomes more important than our reality or our so-called perceived reality.

Whatever your view and how you see it, make sure it is not only a personally healthy one, but also a consciously aware one. When you feel down or life looks stormy and dark – change your lens! Remind yourself of truth and what matters to you and in life!

Or perhaps you are hanging upside down so to speak; perspectives become not only skewed, but flipped completely. And at the end of the day the only persons choice it is as to what you see and how; is YOU!

You choose every detail and colour, what to enhance and the vibrancy of it all. This flows into what you hear, every sound and song, every texture and taste, each person you encounter and every adventure and road you choose to journey along, how you hear it, see it, take it, create and shape it; the decision can be made by none other than you! And it’s all based upon those foundational truths you know about yourself and the world around you!

The really cool thing about “perspective” is it can be moulded and fashioned at any moment and any time. You can even influence and change other perspective and views; slightly or radically (a good change in view doesn’t matter about how big or small). Because how you see things, rolls onto how you do and say/react to people, situations and circumstances. In turn others around you see it, how they choose to see it and react to it, is of course their choice!

But one thing is for certain and for sure! You have a choice what lens you look out of and it shapes and determines your every day and every moment! So guard your vision and keep yourself in check, I promise you wont regret it, and will thank yourself for it, if not immediately, down the track!

Even in the deepest darkest forests, the sun can squirm and squeeze its way through the thick trees and let its warmth and life in! No matter the weather, even when there isn’t a patch of blue in the sky; behind it all, the sun still shines on! Day after day it wakes up, whether you see it or not. Upon the roughest of seas, underneath it all there is a calm and peace, it all depends on your perspective really!