My little sunshine


Have I ever told you of the humble little hummingbird?

It has wings that flap 50-200 flaps per second, 250 breaths in a minute, 1,200 heart- beats per minute. No smell, but amazing eyesight with a third set of eyelids for protection when flying so fast. Created with an 8 -wing stroke so they can hover in one place.

Yet, they are made with weak/light feet, great for flying, so they cannot hop or walk…just a few of the intricacies, design and purpose of this tiny little featherweight.

You have been given wings, but you cannot hover in one place, waiting and crippled. Sometimes you put yourself in a box and think, if only you had feet to walk around that tree and obstacle. The hundreds of trees in front of you can be seen as a block, or, you can fly up above them all, way up above the tree -tops where the air is clear.

Look at the Humming bird; do you think for one second that it thinks about the fact that it cannot hop or walk? They just do what they love and be who they were created to be. Imagine if this wonderful creature in all its beauty and character didn’t use it’s wings and dwelt on the fact it cannot hop or walk like so many other birds?

It is the same for you dearest and most special, unique child of mine. You must walk only your own path, no sooner could a fish walk the path of a bear, or the horse that of a bird, for I trying you lose and eventually forget what you were wondrously made to do in the first place. You have been made with everything you need for the journey and so much more you are yet to learn about yourself.


All my love